The Safety Geek Community
The Safety Geek Community
Brye Sargent, CSP

Be Part of A Growing Community of Safety Professionals

A safe space away from the noise of social media to connect and discuss all things workplace safety.

Meet The Safety Geek

Hi!  My name is Brye (rhymes with sky) and I want to personally welcome you to the Safety Geek Community.  I've been a workplace safety professional for 20 years.  

It is my mission to elevate the position of the Safety Manager.  I believe that what we do has a huge impact on the companies we work for and the bottom line.  That's why we deserve a seat in the C-Suite.

But what we're not good at is selling the benefits of a robust safety program.  We struggle to get support and commitment.  And we get frustrated by all the push-back.

Solving those problems is what The Safety Geek is for.  You can learn the strategies that will improve your culture, management support, and employee commitment.  Let's get to it!

Why Join Us? It's Networking Without the Noise.

I have found that one of the best ways to learn safety and improve your safety programs is through collaboration and networking. But all too often the safety department is a team of one.

And networking opportunities, like conferences and seminars, are dependant on your budget.  Social media tries to fill the gap, but let's face it - it's a dumpster fire.

Most groups aren't moderated.  They're filled with people either trying to sell you something or bashing you for asking a question.  Not to mention the weird algorithm following you around and presenting way too many shiny objects.

The Safety Geek Community is here to solve that.  

It is 100% safety, all day - every day.  Think of it as a Safety Social Network, but better.  The Safety Geek support team approves members after they have verified their accounts.  In addition, we scan all posts and comments to make sure everyone is following the community guidelines. That they are being kind and professional.

In addition, it's similar enough to social media that it's initiative to use.  You will feel like you're at home.

You'll be able to find people who work in your industry, that are solving the same problems as you face.  You can chat with like-minded professionals.  And attend a training or two on how to improve your safety program.

What Do You Get?

As a member of the Safety Geek Community, you get to rub virtual shoulders with the best safety professionals.

To make it even more fun...

  • Participate in Quarterly Challenges to hone your safety skills
  • Attend live events and learn from other leaders in the industry
  • Earn prizes in our Ambassadors Program
  • Engage in weekly content that is designed to help move your program forward.

And best of all, you get to be part of the exclusive club of Safety Geeks.

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